The rope, our passion

 Solo climber first, then leader climber, Michaël Leveaux created and developed his activity on the basis of a deep passion for sport, adventure, travel, and more particularly climbing and mountaineering.

His life project, personally as professionally, looks like a mountain run : go higher, further, get over obstacles and reach the top. Always.

The rope, the red line

Combining security for yourself as for the others, blind trust in your team, unfailing perseverance and the search of a creative and ideal solution for our customers are the fundamental values of Art & Voltige.

Sometimes utopian and dreamer, sometimes charismatic and audacious, Michäel finds in the rope, the alpinist's best friend, the very essence of his activity.

Inventing new routes

Art & Voltige is constantly and eagerly seeking new peaks. Roped together, we share strong values and try to innovate and develop our activities in the building sector, industry as well as natural environment.