The very early days of Art & Voltige happened in 1995. First self-employed, Michaël starts as a rock climbing or potholing instructor, monitors high rope courses for companies and provides pruning works or any type of acrobatic work.

One year later, he created the 'Grat'ciel' association with 3 self-employed fellow members. This association aimed at providing a wider range of competences within one structure, at sharing the work among the partners and offering a complete solution to their customers.

A family story

2001 is the birth of Art & Voltige SPRL. Michaël's wife, Fabienne, an interior designer, joins him and they start together the company that will year after year develop into what it is now.

The building sector is in need and the first worker is hired in 2003. The company also extends its skills by taking over and merging a general contractor. Art & Voltige now has a clear status of a company active in the construction sector and receives all the necessary certifications, authorizations and classifications that are needed for its activity.


Professionnalisation at all levels

Meanwhile, the staff keeps growing with our customers' needs : sales representatives, carpenters, plasterers, welders, electricians, mechanics, blacksmiths, ... All of them are above all passionate about mountaineering, climbing or caving, but also qualified workers in their particular field of expertise.

Being the type never to back off from challenges, this multifunctional and highly qualified team can respond to almost any need of our customers.

2013 has seen another major change in the company : Pierre Mathieu, Michaël's best friend, joined Art & Voltige's management with the purpose of developing the company commercially, geographically and extending our competences.

We are proud to say that today, our team is composed of 25 people and is at your service 24/7.