Training center

Facilities and equipment

Our facilities are fully equipped in Francorchamps (climbing wall, work zone, electronic dynamometer but also cafeteria and changing room) and can welcome up to 15 learners. We also provide company trainings or trainings on worksite.

Types of trainings

  • basic high-access work
  • Rope-access technician : level 1-2-3
  • Roofer
  • Rescue
  • Executive managers : Security standards (theoretical approach)
  • Fire First Aid
  • "à la carte"

All our training sessions are "à la carte" : half-day, full day, seminar, on site or in your premises, ... Don't hesitate to ask.

Guardian Angel (rescue)

This service consists in supplying a rope-access technician and his expertise to secure a particular project or phase of a project. For any handling in acrobatic positions, we help your personnel by offering them mobility in a safe environment.


 Training cheques

Training vouchers are accepted, which implies reduced costs.

 Approved/Accredited trainings

  1. 1.01 Basic high-access work
  2. 1.02 High-access for roofers
  3. 1.03 Placing fall protection systems for common usage
  4. 1.04 Placing anchorage points in conformity with EN795-class A1 norm
  5. 1.05 Emergency evacuation and rescue
  6. 1.06 High-access work for managers
  7. 2.00 Confined space
  8. 3.00 Practical workout
  9. 4.02 Rope-access technician basic level
  10. 4.03 Rope-access technician level 1
  11. 4.04 Rope-access technician level  2
  12. 4.05 Rope-access technician level  3
  13. 4.06 Retraining course
  14. 5.01 Fire First Aid