It's right up our alley !

Art & Voltige has been providing specialist difficult and high access services in various fields for 20 years.

The rope at the very heart of our activity

We can face any complex situation without temporary infrastructure as scaffolds or aerial buckets. This implies reduced costs and time of intervention, light equipement and limited pollution.

The sky is not the limit

Our rope access helps us make the impossible possibe and face all kinds of challenges. Our team is composed of 20 highly trained rope-access technicians who master various skills in the building sector, the industry, the service to individuals, in indoor as well as outdoor work, on monuments, in natural areas.

We have more than one string to our bow

Besides all this, we also provide a training centre in our facilities in Francorchamps and a wide range of rope and security equipment for sale. Our long experience gives us an expert status in Fall Protection Systems and Building Securing.