Values and vision

We share strong values and are making way to the summits in accordance with them. 

Strong values

Balance Respect  Security Confidence Elegance Clarity Autonomy
As climbers, we search for balance whatever we do : in the relationships with others, stability in our private life, ... Respect for ourselves as well as respect for others through strict adherence to security measures. Security is implicit in everything we do. Confidence in our skills and in the leaders allows the whole team to reach the summit safely. In our quest for elegance, we are trying to achieve the right movement for a beautiful result. Elegance in clothing is also part of the quest.  We say what we do and do what we say. Search for personal autonomy is constant. 

A vision 

We wish to become a reference and the Belgian leader in the rope-access work field.

We aim at offering the best service qualitatively and remaining open and  to any kind of solutions. 

Avec une présence forte en Belgique, nous désirons offrir à nos clients un service de haute voltige axé sur une grande flexibilité et une ouverture d’esprit à 360°.

Le développement et l’amélioration continue de notre service s’opèrent à tous les niveaux, dans tous nos secteurs d’activités, présents et à venir.